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Buying a Round-the-World Plane Ticket for Under $1.000 + Merry X-Mas

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hello and Merry Christmas! Greetings from Tallinn – and long time don’t talk! I’m in Estonia for the holidays, a cold and cozy time, perfect to relax and catch up. I didn’t have much to share lately, but do so now: a) The DIY Round the World […]

How to Stay Safe Traveling to Dangerous Places + Flying “Cheap” in Latin America

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hello from Panama, I’m having a good time here, and it has all been in line with my plans and expectations. Over everything , it’s good and refreshing to be back in my side of the world – the spontaneity, the “closeness”, the shouting 🙂 Traveling Out of Comfort […]

I’m Moving Across the Ocean + Do You Spend Enough Time With Your Key Friends?

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hello, While the past few months have been a bit quiet, this time I’ve some more news and writing to share. This email is bittersweet though – part good news, part sad as well. I’m Moving Across the Ocean   Let’s start with the good news – I’m […]

The Greatest Luxury in the World + Back in Latin America?

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hola, It’s been some time! It’s been the two busiest months in a long time for me work-wise, and I’ve spent most of the spare time researching, thinking about and working on a couple of major investments. In this context, and with my hands full, I kept going […]

Why You Should Take a Cruise, Iran/Bhutan & Mario’s Book Tour?

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hello! How was your start for 2017? I hope very good! I spent the first week off in the Caribbean – cruising across multiple islands, isolating myself a little bit of the world, and enjoying a very needed time in the sun. In light of how crazy the […]

How to Make 2017 the Best Year of Your Life – A Guide

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. December! It’s that time of the year – the month with the three unmovable fixtures: Christmas, New Years Eve, and the Annual Review. Regular readers of this humble email series will know that I have – with no exception – taken a few weeks off in December to […]

How to Survive Nordic Darkness, Countries #102-105 and Japanese Update

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hello, Greetings from Esbjerg – the exciting (not really) industrial town in Denmark’s west coast. I’ve a few things to share today: Thoughts and actions on dealing with Nordic winter “low energy” / “bad mood” Update on Country #102, #103, #104, and #105 (to start) Status on my […]

Learning All 2200 Japanese Kanji (Symbols) in 5 Months + Common Sense vs. “Secrets”

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hi, Greetings from the Anatolian Coast – I’m in Kusadasi, Turkey. I’m in for a friend’s wedding, plus using the opportunity to get some real summer and visit some Greco-Roman ruins. Good times! I’ve been very busy with “day job” in August, so didn’t travel, nor could experiment that much. Still, […]

How to Survive a Drunk Russian Attack + 2 Keys to Set Long Term Objectives

​Originally published for my exclusive Monthly Email List. Hello, Greetings from the Gobi Desert, Mongolia! I’m about to begin the last leg of the Siberian/Mongolian ride from Moscow to Beijing – a perfect time to share some thoughts. This month, I want to touch on: – The Transsiberian Railway – Thoughts and a Few Photos – […]