How to Use Coupons


My three deep dives are 50kr off if you use the coupon “50OFF” (no commas) at checkout. For reference, this are the links to the three products:

📊The Ultimate Sheets For Financing and Negotiating Your Next Apartment – Link (149kr after discount)
💰Deep Dive – How Mortgages in Denmark Work – Link (99kr after discount)
🏡Deep Dive – Buying a Project Apartment – Link (99kr after discount)

Over 200 people have bought these deep dives and found them incredibly valuable. If you’re buying or thinking buying a place, these three products will help you as much as my free guide did 😀

⛩ How to Use the Coupon Step-by-Step

First, you write your email address, accept the terms, and click continue.
On the checkout page, click on “Have a coupon?” — where the blue arrow above is pointing.
Type “50OFF” – without the commas.
…and voila!

You can check the store here. If anything, just ping me.