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Learn the insider tips and strategies to navigate the Danish real estate market with confidence. Negotiate the best possible deal at the best possible price. 

From understanding Danish customs to leveraging your own strengths, I'll guide you every step of the way towards your dream home.

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🏦 The Biggest Purchase of Your Life: You Must Do It Right

Buying a house or an apartment will be the biggest purchase of your life.
You’re going to be putting down years of savings and committing millions (literally!) in a long-term mortgage.

The stakes are high. You must do this right.

Your home is and will be, after all, the place where you will:
  • Grow your family
  • Commute to and from
  • Live your life
... and all while staying – likely forever – as your highest monthly expense.

There is no bigger and more consequential personal and financial decision than choosing where you live. It is crucial that you get the best deal you can.

That’s exactly what I’m teaching you in this course.

Join me today, and you will – with all certainty – know that you’ve done all you could to get the best deal for yourself and your family.

... and, remember: once you did make the purchase, it’s done. You just can’t “undo”.
You’ll really regret if you knew you could’ve done better. (And without that much extra effort).

💥 Making It Happen to YOU

Are you tired of endlessly searching for your dream home, only to be disappointed by high prices and Denmark’s confusing regulations? 

Do you wonder why some people seem to effortlessly find and purchase their dream homes, while you continue to struggle?

The Dream Home Denmark course will give you proven strategies and all my insider knowledge to help you find and buy your dream home at the right price. 

Whether you're an expat navigating the Danish real estate market for the first time, or a seasoned investor looking for your next property, we've got you covered:
  • This will be specific — I include the exact concepts, systems and models you can use right now.
  • This will be fast — it is 3+ hours of new material that you can apply immediately. You can take it at your own pace and revisit it whenever you want.
  • This will be incredibly practical — if you’ve already tried a laundry list of random hacks and "trying harder" and you want to go straight to the point to what truly works, this course will give you the exact actionable steps you need to take. 
🐚 Have you ever wondered...
  • What are the most common mistakes expats make when buying property in Denmark, and how can you avoid them?
  • What are the two ways most people in Denmark lose money with when buying a home?
  • How can you find hidden gems in the Danish real estate market that others overlook?
I wondered too, and went through countless hours of research to discover all the hidden ins-and-outs of investing in real estate in Denmark.
I took all this and condensed it and optimized it into a system that gets all of these pieces working together, seamlessly.

THIS is what this program is about. It’s the culmination of this enormous research into one, proven, step-by-step system you can use immediately.

The best thing is that you don’t need to have a highly-paid job, a fancy degree or a two-income household to get down through this path.

You just need to take action.
Buy Dream Home Denmark

🚨 The High Risks of Making the Wrong Type of Deal

There's too much money in the line. You’ll (probably) never going to spend as much.

It's irresponsible to "take it easy" -- instead, you need to be as prepared and ready as possible:
  • You don’t want to buy something beyond your means –– and have to cut off your holidays, eating out, tech purchases, etc. as 80% of your salary goes to pay for the apartment.
  • You don’t want to pay more than the place is worth it — and leave thousands on the table.
  • You don’t want to be taken advantage by banks — and be stuck paying high interest rates, when you absolutely don’t need to.
  • You won’t want to be abused by “advisors” — and end up stuck paying 50K+ for someone who in theory was “in your team”.
If you’ve gone through my guide — and the extra emails, too — you should've seen how obsessed I am with the details. (You should be too!)

👇 I’m Not Your Typical House Buyer

I had been in Denmark for seven years before I bought my first apartment.

🤓 I DIDN’T Want to Buy a House

Seven years may sound excessive, but I had my reasons:
  1. I didn’t want to get into debt. I never had any debt - of any type - and neither had my wife. I like to be “in control”, and not to worry about money. I like the freedom of not having to owe anything to anyone. Mortgages are debt after all, so it was a hard psychological pill for me to shallow to get one.
  2. I had a good rental. Yep, believe it or not - I was paying 10-12K all inclusive for a small but nice flat in Frederiksberg, a serviced apartment close to everything. We didn’t have kids and we didn’t need more space. We were good with the small place.
  3. I wasn’t sure I was going to stay in Denmark. I bought in 2017, and that year alone I spent three months in Panama. It was not a given I would keep living in Copenhagen.

☀️ But Then, I DEEP DIVED

In 2016 and 2017, I started to see a lot of my friends buying a place. I thought: okay, maybe that’s something I could investigate a bit more.

“Bit more” went on to be HUNDREDS of hours learning and researching about buying an apartment in Denmark.

I’m obsessed with the details, and there were a ton to look into: laws and lawyers, financing and interest rates, taxes and fees, a crazy-fast real estate market.

I spent MONTHS looking through all that. I met lawyers, realtors, all major banks, and a multitude of advisors. I visited dozens of houses and apartments.

🤝 Putting My Maersk Skills Into Practice

It helped that I have a unique background: in my job in Maersk (Denmark's biggest company) I buy things professionally. BIG THINGS: think of think of ports, ships, fleets of trucks, etc.

The Excel models I made and the strategies I put together have been literally used to close contracts worth 1+ billion dollars. You can’t do higher stakes.

I went on to apply all that skillset for my own house purchase:
  • I made the most detailed and bullet-proof Excel models on buying a house you'll ever see, including every little rule. The banks were wow-ed. 
  • I had all banks lined up to give me the mortgages I wanted and every little perk imaginable. I got so much for free that the bank advisors had to get senior management approvals.
  • I then swiped the floor in the house negotiations. I know it for a fact (because the sellers and agents told me!) that they never saw someone as bold and prepared: I squeezed them out of every last kroner possible. I know I couldn’t have done better.

Get Access to My Ultra-Precise Cost Sheets

👉 Included: Learn EXACTLY How Much Your New House Will Cost

To be sure you're doing the right move, you absolutely need to use an ultra-specific cost model.
The course includes my battle-tested and ultra popular mode, which will help you:

– Negotiate a Better Deal — With Seller & Bank. I bought my place for way less than it was advertised, and got a good deal from my bank. All during a super hot market. You can save as much or more.
– Know How Much You’ll Pay Monthly and Yearly. This, to the specifics — so you know what kind of deal to get, so you can keep traveling, buying what you want, and going out and still having cash in hand.
– Make The Right Loan Decisions. This, so you’re not taken advantage of by the banks — and pay only what is right.

30-Year Projection 🗺️

- Learn Exactly How Much You'll Pay -- This, every year, for 30 years! (This, all ultra-customizable).
- "Any Repayment Setup" -- See how much you'll pay e.g. per month, per year, and in case you take a loan with repayments, no repayments, etc.

30+ Variables 📊

The total cost will dynamically change per your input on any of the following variables: purchase price, downpayment, ejerudgift, heating, water, repairs, loan period, type of loans, loan split, realkredit interest, bank loan interest, loan repayments (or not), moving costs, etc....

New: Including Sensitivity Tables 🔎

You can run simulations on how much your costs will be in different scenarios depending on agreed purchase price, ejerudgift and interest rates.


Bonus! Get the Negotiation Deck Too  💰

You'll also get a negotiation-specific tool you can use to prepare, track and follow up with multi-level negotiations. 

Who's This For? 👇

🍵 People Serious About Buying a House

✅ You are serious and at least considering buying a house or apartment
✅ You want to get the best deal possible for downpayment, mortgage, interest rate, fees, etc.
✅ You want to save time and money by following a proven step-by-step system
✅ You've your "act together" and just need a guiding hand to help you prepare in a structured and straight-forward way

👉 You're aware you're about to spend millions (literally!) and want to go the extra mile to make sure that you couldn't have done better.

💀  Who's the Course NOT for?

❌ You're looking for a magic bullet that will cause your life to dramatically improve without any effort.
There's no secret here. It's just about putting in the work and stacking the deck in your favor in whatever way you can.
❌ You're afraid of talking with real estate agents – because hey, you'll have to talk with a lot of them (or not get the best deal)
❌ You've no savings and no job and high expectations. If that's your case, wait until you're in a stronger position. I won't be able to help you until then.

🚀 Get My Personalized Feedback on the Houses You're Interested In

If you're interested in buying a property and want to know my own opinion on whether it's a good place, a good deal, this is your opportunity. I can give you my fresh, unbiased and straight-forward opinion.

I'm NOT a Buyer's Agent, I'm NOT a Real Estate Lawyer, but I do have a lot of experience in the market after talking with 1.000+ people over the past years.

You'll get a video with screen-share, drawings (if need be!) and my concrete notes on multiple points, including but not limited to:

  • Property price
  • Right mortgage for the property
  • Location
  • Overview of expenses
  • Risk mapping
  • Floor plan optimization
  • Property condition

I have a set checklist I have used for this for years and I'll be going through it for your property.

597 kr. or 3 Payments of 199 kr.

🏡🇩🇰 Dream Home Denmark

30+ Lessons, Sections & Toolkits

  • The most complete super guide to buying a house in Denmark in English.
  • The Cost Models & Negotiation Dashboards
  • Case Studies for Houses, Apartments and Rækkehus
  • How to Negotiate Prices 10%+ Down - incl. my specific example
  • Get My Personalized Feedback - I’ll record a 5-10 min video analyzing up to two houses you choose
  • All Danish Rules & Regulations You'll Ever Need to Know
  • Content Vetted by a Real Estate Lawyer
  • Access to My Private Online Community
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

🔐 Lock In The Cheap Price

I update the course regularly, and with each update add new sections, videos, spreadsheets, Q&As and a lot more.

The updates are free for anyone who bought the course.

But each time I update the course, the price for new buyers goes up. 


🌟 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - No Risk, Money-Back Promise

I want the investment in this course to be an absolute no-brainer for you. So, if you go through all modules, complete all the exercises, and still don’t find the course useful, drop me an email within 30 days of buying the course and I'll happily refund your full payment.

❤️ The Wall of Love

Buyers say very nice things about the course. Here’s what quite a lot of them had to say.

📚 What Is Included in the Course

The course is divided into six modules with 30+ video lessons (all with transcripts!), including:

🔥 By the end of the course....


You'll know exactly where you should spend your time, effort and money to get the ultimate deal to suit YOU specifically


You'll save time and get results using my proven templates to calculate costs, discover "hidden gems" and negotiate a winning deal


You'll know which mortgages and deals to avoid, so you don't end up stuck in a bad and expensive deal for years to come


You'll learn what multi-millionaires know about investing, spending money, risk, saving, and freedom that 98% of people don't

❤️ What Happy Viewers and Readers Say on YouTube 

🏗️ Bonus - Deep Dive on Buying Project Apartments

Hands-down the most detailed guide on buying project apartments (or houses) in Denmark you'll find on the internet.

🕶️ What’s Included

  • Detailed but easy-to-understand deep-dive on how to buy a project apartment
  • Explanation on why you can to put down zero (or very little) cash when buying a project
  • What is the "bank guarantee" - and how to get away with paying as little as possible for it
  • Why banks and constructors prefer to work with Danes than with foreigners - and what you can do to get the same benefits
  • What to do if your project constructor goes bankrupt or the project gets cancelled after you already paid


  • How to search and find only project apartments
  • How to ensure that the new house has zero defects - and what to do in case there are any issues
  • The little-know "loophole" constructors have used to exaggerate the size of the future apartments - and what you can do to challenge them 🤫 

💬 Frequently Asked Questions

Buy Dream Home Denmark

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