21 Laws of High Performance + World Travel – Freebies

Hey there! As promised, here are quite a few free materials for you to enjoy – first on high performance, and second on world travel.

From The 21 Laws of High Performance

The you’ve some excerpts of my book just for you:

Principle of High Performance #3
Principle of High Performance #6

The Principles of High Performance are kind-of a theoretical foundation for the book. While I try to be as practical as possible, there must be some theory as well.

Law of High Performance #2
Law of High Performance #10
Law of High Performance #15

The 21 Laws are all framed as routines. Easy, simple actions that if you do them every day you’ll improve your life over the long-term.

– My longer essay on Antifragility & Stoicism. I use it to wrap up many concepts and ideas presented through the book.
– Turning Goals into Habits. A simple, step-by-step road map to ‘divide and conquer’ your objectives.

You can get the book from Amazon (Kindle and paperback) here.

From How to Travel 60-90 Days a Year 

I put four short sections of the book up online. The first one is kind-of an essay – my thoughts about and experiences as a “digital nomad”. The next two are actionable strategies and tactics to save money on the road, and the last one is a “teaser” for the third section of the book.

Besides this, I’ve outlined some of the points of the book in video form:

How to Travel More – Spreading Your Holidays Out (Video)
How to Save Money on Flights (Video)

That’s it! If anything, feel free to reach out to me via mail, Twitter, Facebook, whatever.

Thanks a lot!