In 2016, no corporate canteen for me. At least in January and February. I’m working on my personal projects for a couple months, so I’ve to either buy lunch or prepare it myself.

For now, I decided for the latter. In doing so, I put on two criteria for the ‘ideal lunch’:

– It should take maximum five minutes to cook
– It should be “as healthy as possible”

With that said, I think I’ve cracked it. I let go of my disdain for pre-cut vegetables in the shop and started paying up:

– 1 bunch of fresh pre-sliced carrots
– 1 bunch of fresh pre-sliced kale
– 1 bunch of fresh spinach
– 1 bunch of fresh rucola
– 5-10 fresh cherry tomatoes
– 5-10 olives
– 1-2 big spoons of canned chickpeas
– 1-2 big spoons of canned green peas
– 1-2 big spoons of canned lentils
– 1-2 big spoons of canned corn
– 1-2 big spoons of mixed seeds and nuts (pumpkin seeds, peanuts, cashew nuts, etc.)
– 1-2 big spoons of fresh sliced onions
– 150-200g of chicken breast
– EVOO, balsamico and salt to taste

…and that’s it. I pre-slice the onions and pre-cook the chicken breast on Monday, but the rest is almost straight out of the pack or can. The only action, besides taking them from their container is to wash and rinse them all together.

I’ve been trying this one out, and so far it has taken me around ~6 mins from the moment I start until I’m ready to start eating. This including cleaning the rinser, putting things away, etc.

Not bad, right? I might switch the recipe slightly week by week – one week I might change chickpeas for another type of beans, rucola for mixed greens, boiled egg for chicken, and so on.