General Review

  • How does 2018 look vs. the ideas, dreams and goals from the AR 2018?
  • What were my biggest successes (and failures)?
  • Do the month-by-month list of items (what happened, what did I ship, where did I travel, etc.)

Talent Stack Model

Talent Stack

  • What I have developed in 2018?
  • What the key achievements and lessons from 2018?
  • Is this the right stack for 2019?
  • What parts of the stack specifically should I strengthen in 2019?


  • What projects did I do in 2018?
  • What are the achievements and lessons from 2019?
  • What type of projects should I do in 2019?


  • Review my lights during 2018 (Almost a whole year!)
  • Check habit consistency — how many meditations logged, how many workouts, etc. Get perspective.
  • What are the habit successes and failures of 2018?
  • What new habits and systems have I successfully implemented in 2018?
  • What new tools, software and technology have I started using in 2018?

Key Metrics


  • How much did I earn and how did I spend my money?
  • How does the above look vs. my projections?
  • Which were my best (and worst) purchases of 2018?
  • Did I miss any good opportunity?
  • What will be my investments for 2019?
  • How can I double my take-home savings?

People and Social

  • Which were my “5 people” of 2018?
  • List down the “new people” of 2018 who I had at least a meaningful conversation with?
  • How can I use my new assets to get to know more people?
  • Who do I want my “5 people” of 2019 to be?
  • How is it going with my wife?

Open Loops

  • Loops closed in 2018
  • Loops still open as of Jan 2019

Other Metrics

  • Review Travel — where did I go (total days), total countries, total new countries
  • Review Books — what did I read, what were my favorites, any notes
  • CV/LinkedIn — update it

Moving Forward

  • How does the “perfect” 2019 look like?
  • Where do I want to be in by 3 years and in 8 years?


  • Too much (Insert Vice)? What’s a good “brainless” form of entertainment?
  • What things do I do (generally a lot), take them for granted, and perhaps should challenge?