hire me as a speaker

My Principles – What You Can Expect

I don’t take many speaking engagements as I’ve a full time job and run a startup at the same time. But when I do it’s for either:

Workshops. I lead three-hour or whole-day workshops for companies, both established corporations and startups.
Keynotes. I deliver powerful keynotes that can go from 20 to 60 minutes in length.

As for what to expect:

– I give fully practical advice. No fluff. I give you strategies, tactics and routines that you and your team can start using immediately.
– I walk the talk. Everything I suggest you to do, I do myself. I talk only from my own experience and only use other examples to back up something I’ve already done.
– I draw a lot from history. From Julius Caesar to Napoleon and from Leonardo to Mao, I adorn my presentations with the wisdom and stories from the past’s big names.
– I don’t give the same talk twice. As I take on only few of the requests I receive, I have the time to prepare a presentation tailored to the audience.

And I’m not just another speaker. The collection of intense and unique experiences I’ve had can speak for themselves – I’ve launched multiple startups, worked at the HQ of two of the world’s biggest companies, negotiated deals worth dozens of millions, studied in four top-rated universities and traveled to around 120 countries. You can be assured that the presentations will be exciting!

High Performance & Productivity

Based on my the framework and philosophy presented in my book The 21 Laws of High Performance and my Udemy courses. Covers, depending on the case, some of the following:

– How to identify which are your key tasks – the must-dos you absolutely need to nail – and get them done EVERY TIME
– When and how to say “no”
– How transform your must-dos into habits – so you’re 100% guaranteed you’ll get them done
– How pros make good habits stick – and bad habits go away
– 5+ easy routines shared by top executives and entrepreneurs
– The key actions all high performers do in the morning before they start working
– The first thing pros do immediately after they wake up
– How beat the procrastinator inside of you
– How to get to inbox zero with two hours a day and stop checking email on weekends

You’ll learn timeless principles and the latest technologies you need to at least double your productivity. You’ll do it in the most interactive method possible.

Target Audiences:

a) Corporate teams undergoing a very high-stress period. The higher the workload, the more relevant this talk is – the ideal participants are probably often working late hours and weekends.
b) Startups closing in on high-growth mode. The company needs the last push to unleash hockey-stick growth.

Traveling, Lifestyle & Achieving Big Goals

This talk is based  mostly based on my second book, How to Travel 60-90 Day a Year – Even If You Work 9-5 and includes practical advice from The 21 Laws of High Performance as well. Covers, depending on the case, some of the following:

– How to pick up any habit, learn any skill or pursue any ambitious project – and know you’ll follow through
– The step-by-step framework I used to travel to over 100 countries by my late 20s – and that you can use for a big project of your own
– How to switch travel from a “black hole” in your CV to a key selling point
– The top 5 life-lessons I got from my trips
– The 3 key mindsets you need to succeed in the post-globalization world

In all cases I share some of my unique anecdotes as well. From crashing a wedding in Uzbekistan, to a magic night under the Nordic Lights, to climbing to the top of Machu Picchu and escaping a mob in Romania. I can also combine both topics into the same presentation, as they’re strongly connected.

Target Audiences:

a) Organizations (companies, startups, non-profits, etc.) organizing “team building” type of events and want a good dose of innovation and inspiration.
b) Universities, startup incubators and accelerators, hackathons and travel clubs.

Experimental Talks

I’m a history buff and especially fascinated about Ancient Rome. The Romans were the most successful civilization ever if you count the size and longevity of their empire and their legacy still today.

What made Rome invincible was its people. There’s much we can learn from them – toughness, decisiveness in front of adversity, adaptability… I could go on, and on. I’m experimenting on a presentation taking the ancient Roman virtues, adapting them into my own life, and then sharing for the most competitive corporate and startup teams.

costs & practicalities

My speaking fee is based on multiple variables – the type and duration of the talk, timing, need of personalization, and more. I can speak world-around, and often do so as part of my world tour, but if I need to travel to speak for you, I’ll typically ask for travel expenses to be covered.

I don’t take many engagements as I’ve a full-time job, run a startup and have a world tour to finish. But don’t let that scare you – if you think I can add value to your team, your company, or for a conference you’re organizing, book me for a presentation.