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You can find 99% of my stuff on the internet for free in various forms. But for a more structured, detailed approach, you might like to check out my online courses or digital downloads 😉. 

🏡 Dream Home Denmark

This is my ultimate toolkit for first-time home buyers in Denmark.

It includes my legendary cost models, deep dives on mortgages and case studies for houses, terraced houses (rækehus) and apartments. 
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💰 The Ultimate Investing in Denmark Course

Grow your investment portfolio from 0 to 1.000.000+ kr and transform it into a sustainable, money-making machine. Without devoting your life to crunching numbers 😉.

The course includes 3+ hours of content on all related to financial independence and investing in Denmark. It's my ultimate money management system.
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🚀 Second Salary: Build an Online Business in Denmark (Working Part-Time)

This is the ultimate step-by-step and ultra-actionable course and toolkit to help you build a very profitable online business in as little as four hours a week.
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If you want hands-on guided support, you can book me for a 1-1 call directly here.